Favorite Books

Why read these books on business?

Best in web 2.0 and social media marketing

Groundswell: the web, social media, social networks, and how companies can leverage the power of the web

Tipping Point: small things can make a big difference

Freakonomics: how the seemingly unrelated are actually correlated

A Whole New Mind: did you know a Master of Fine Arts degree is more competitive than a Masters of Business Administration? Daniel Pink explains how right-brained creative types will rule as we move to the conceptual age.

You Call the Shots: the story of Cameron Johnson and how he started twelve successful businesses by the time he was twenty years old

Best in Psychology

The Courage Factor: an actively caring culture can transform a workplace

Influence: the six factors of persuading people

Blink: can one really gather the exact same information from a 10 second conversation as a thirty? According to Malcolm Gladwell, the answer is yes.

Sway: should the pilot take off or wait? The irresistible pull of irrational behavior explains why the pilot was swayed by choosing money over safety.

Why Gender Matters: do women and men think the same?

Best in Politics

Outrage: illegal immigration + the do-nothing Congress + Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac + ACLU = Outrage

Faith and Politics: did Senator Danforth admit to winning an election simply because he was pro-life?

The Truth: about George W. Bush

Culture Warrior: the extreme divide between the secular-progressives and conservatives
Assault on Reason: Al Gore explains the issues of today

Best on African Wars

The story of a boy solider who fought in a war over control and conflict diamonds

A Long Way Gone: the story of a boy solider displaced from his home and forced by hunger to fight in the Sierra Leone Civil War

God Grew Tired of Us: John Dau, one of the “Lost boys of Sudan,” recalls his journey from an African civil war to an amazing America

Best on Spirituality

Power of Now: the danger of the ego, emotions, and not living in the present moment

In the future, I will highlight some of these books in blog posts.


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