Who is Shane?

Shane McCarty

* actively caring * marketing * psychology * politics * change the world *

I graduated from Virginia Tech with a marketing degree and a psychology minor in 2011. I am currently a PhD student in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Virginia Tech, researching the behavioral science of actively caring for people. I am advised by Dr. E. Scott Geller in the Center for Applied Behavior Systems and Dr. Jim Hawdon in the Center for Peace Studies and Violence Prevention.

I have tests the fields of social media marketing, graphic design, entrepreneurship, public office, and research. I have served the students of Virginia Tech as the Undergraduate Representative to the Board of Visitors, Vice President for the Student Government Association, Residence Advisor in Pritchard Hall, and Vice President of Pritchard Hall. “Ut Prosim” means “That I may serve.” It is the Virginia Tech motto and my way of life.

Why am I sharing all of this information?

I do not pretend to know what’s right or best in business, marketing, politics, psychology, or even school. However, I have had a vast number of experiences that I want to share to help others better themselves.

Connect with Shane on ShaneMcCarty.com

Disclaimer: The comments and opinions of Shane McCarty’s blog reflect just that: the comments and opinions of Shane McCarty. Businesses, organizations, and any other affiliates cannot be held responsible for anything posted on this page. With that said, there is nothing I intend to write that should offend or discredit any organizations or individuals, so if I do, please contact me immediately at: smac@vt.edu


2 Responses to “Who is Shane?”

  1. Great site I look forward to listening to what you have to contribute to the world about actively caring for people.

  2. I was on your site! Looks great! I am sharing it with your grandmother.

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