Hokies agree: it is ‘SGA4You’

Virginia Tech students voted in all four members of the SGA4You ticket during elections last week. Brandon Carroll, SGA president-elect said he contributed SGA4You’s success to actively listening to the student body.

“I think we truly empowered the student body,” Carroll said. “We showed not told that it was all about by letting the students choose our number one platform.”

Shane McCarty, SGA vice president-elect, said SGA4You could not reach out to every student, but it made the effort to hear as many voices as they could.

“We were so excited to see other students spreading our message,” McCarty said. “Seeing students going to our Web site and voting for our number one platform was amazing. We had over 3,000 individual students over the course of one week access our Web site and vote on our platforms.”

McCarty added that the campaign process was all about a team, within themselves and with the students.

“We got student involvement, and that is what we want,” McCarty. “This is a team of the entire student body working with us.”

Joey Zakutney, SGA treasurer elect, said he was elated by the amount of people he had met over the past few weeks campaigning.

“The amount of new friends that we made during the election process was amazing,” Zakutney said. “Our Web site was great, we did a lot of unique things, but what it came down to were people talking and networking with other people about our campaign. All of the organizations on campus really went out of their way to make sure that people on campus were voting for SGA.”

Morgan Bradley, SGA secretary-elect, said she saw how the visibility of SGA4You affected students on campus.

“We wanted to show that we are not just going to be a part of SGA, but we will also be part of the community,” Bradley said.

Carroll said one of the difficulties SGA will face is picking the best executive team.

“It is going to take a lot of work to get together to pick an executive because we cannot do everything that the student body needs us to do,” Carroll said. “We need to pick a really solid group of people for our team.”

McCarty added that students are passionate about applying for executive positions for the fall.

“People have a myriad of different talents and strengths,” McCarty said. “This is all about the student body at Tech. This is not a position for students who want to improve their resume. This is an opportunity to make a significant impact on other people’s lives.”

Zakutney said he is excited to develop a team and work with each individual member.

“At the beginning of this year, I had a lack of understanding of how the executive board positions work together,” Zakutney said. “My hope is that I will learn more about the various positions on the executive board this year. I hope to grasp each part of the new structure in the fall.”

Bradley said she is ready to learn how the new executive board members will contribute.

“I want to get a grasp of each new position on my end,” Bradley said. “It is something new that I am coming into. I am ready and willing to learn how to be the best executive member that I can be.”

McCarty said SGA4You’s ideas for the fall have both their pros and cons.

“There is an opportunity cost,” McCarty said. “If you do one thing, you will have to sacrifice another. Realistically, we have a bunch of great ideas, and we have to figure out what we are going to do and do well.”

Zakutney said SGA4You is going through its big list of ideas and figuring out what it can and can not do.

“The more relationships we develop with the outside organizations, the more we will be able to accomplish and develop,” Zakutney said. “We are not going to pretend like we know what we are doing with each and every aspect with our plan. We are going to reach out to various clubs and organizations and get them to help us, and in turn, we will help them with their missions and goals, but that is going to be the way that we make this the most successful SGA.”

McCarty said the SGA team is working to make itself visible to the students and show them how they can have a voice.

“There are things that we know that we can do,” McCarty said. “For example, meeting on the Drillfield, that is something that we want to do. Having D2 dinners with the students is something that we can do. In terms of the big things we want to get done, we have a vision and a plan for how we are going to get them done. We still have to figure out how everyone fits into this one dynamic idea.”

Bradley thinks that constant interaction with the students will help give them their voice

“If we continue to reach out to the students we already know and reach out to the ones that we do not, we will have continuous interaction with the student body,” Bradley said. “From our actions beyond SGA, the student body will see that our actions do truly correlate with our vision.”

Carroll said he is excited to see where SGA goes in the fall.

“We are excited, elated and so grateful,” Carroll said. “The campaign started with you, ended with you, and now the new year will start with you.”

The SGA inauguration will be this Monday, April 13, at 5:30 pm on the steps of Burruss Hall.

Source: Collegiate Times

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  1. Good stuff right here =]

    Congratulations again guys, you all worked your butts off. I know you’ll all be great!

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