SGA4You wins SGA elections

sga4youThe entire SGA4You ticket has been elected as the new SGA officers for the 2009-2010 school year.

Shane McCarty, SGA vice president, was thrilled to see how many people were in support of the SGA4You ticket.

“The win is so exciting,” McCarty said. “We started this campaign wanting to change the student body. To see the students’ excitement has all been worth it.”

Joey Zakutney, SGA treasurer, is excited to see where SGA goes next year.

“Half of the students at the university do not even know what SGA is,” Zakutney said. “For us, SGA4You, is all about you, that was our campaign, and we want to stick to it so students can find out what SGA really is.”

McCarty said he became speechless when he got the call about his win.

“We said we were going to do something, and this is the first step in the multiple step process that will lead to a better Virginia Tech,” McCarty said. “If I can make one promise to the student body, it will be that you will have a voice in the student body.”

Zakutney said that SGA4You immediately thought about the team after he learned of the results.

“That was it for me, thinking about the team right off the back,” Zakutney said. “We are all about a unified body that will work together to make a positive change.”

Brandon Carroll, SGA president, said he is excited to start working with the student body.

“Students are itching for something to be done next year,” Carroll said. “SGA is going to be all about you, we want to hear your voice.”

Carroll added that he was amazed and elated when he received the phone call about his win.

“SGA next year is going to be all about a team, because everyone accomplishes more as a team,” Carroll said. “We are truly for and all about the student body.”

Carroll said he wants students to know that he is ready to get to work on SGA for next year.

“The day of the SGA inauguration we are going to plan something on the drillfield where we can get student’s ideas of what the issues on campus are and how we can improve them,” Carroll said. “It is all about talking to the student body and getting their ideas.”

Source: Collegiate Times


~ by shanemccarty on April 4, 2009.

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