SGA4You hopes to hold public executive meetings on Drillfield

SGA4youSGA4YOU has a clear vision for how to improve life at Virginia Tech, and that vision starts with the students.

“We want to empower the student body and amplify the voices of those students who are underrepresented,” Brandon Carroll, presidential candidate, said. “We care about the students so much and we want to do anything that we can to help them.”

Joey Zakutney, treasurer candidate, said he wants to help make Tech the best university that it can be. “I want to meet as many people as possible,” Zakutney said. “Virginia Tech is known as being a Hokie community that is completely inclusive, and I want everyone to feel that they are a part of that community. I want people to know that I care, and that Tech cares.”

Shane McCarty, vice presidential candidate, said another of SGA4You’s platforms is “voice.” “We want to make a Virginia Tech culture shift to something that thrives on positivity, collaboration and every student’s voice,” McCarty said. “We do not want to just tell the students, ‘this is what we are going to do;’ we want to gather suggestions, answer questions, and find a way to prove to students that we are going to take their voice and make a positive productive change.”

Morgan Bradley, secretary candidate, said she wants to make a big difference in each student’s life. “I want to reach out to the most students as I possibly can,” Bradley said. “I want student organizations to come to us when they have issues that they need help with.” Carroll added that he wants to have executive meetings on the Drillfield as a way for the student body to feel comfortable to approach the SGA. “We want to establish face time and meet with students and organizations to collaborate on different issues,” Carroll said. “The point is to really talk to them and really understand their needs.” McCarty said he wants to sit down with students and talk about the real issues at hand on campus. “We are focusing on voice,” McCarty said. “We want students to let us hear their voice. We want other groups to work with us as well; we would love that. What we are doing is for you, and it is all about you.”

McCarty added that SGA4You is working to implement a Global Position System on Blacksburg Transit. “Forty-three percent of students have made transportation the most important platform,” McCarty said. “Brandon and I have been working on GPS tracking for the BT so students can see exactly where the bus is at what time.”

Zakutney added that SGA4You has also been working on a dining hall initiative. “We have been working with dining to start a program where we can offer a 10 percent discount to students who eat between the hours of 2 p.m. and 5 p.m.,” Zakutney said. “The goal is to alleviate congestion and raise the satisfaction of the customers. Students have an opportunity to save money as well, so students on a tighter budget can save as much as possible.”

All of the SGA4You candidates want students to understand that they are here to serve the whole student body and do what is best for Virginia Tech. “We want to maintain traditions,” Carroll said. “We want to make sure that the Corp of Cadets is known on this campus, because those are the people that Tech started with. We also want to start a Cassell Guard who coordinates chants and cheers at the basketball games.”

Bradley added that she wants all of the students to feel like they can approach SGA at any time. “We want to learn about all of the different organizations on campus,” Bradley said. “We want to increase face time. We want people to feel comfortable saying “hi” to us or waving to us. The more we can reach out to organizations, the more we can feel a sense of community.”

Source: Collegiate Times


~ by shanemccarty on April 4, 2009.

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