SGA candidates debate issues

Shane McCarty speaking on sustainability at VT by Kelsey Heiter, CT news reporter

Wednesday, March 25, 2009; 11:31 PM

Wednesday night, the 2009-10 executive Student Government Association candidates debated characteristics of a good leader, and the values and goals of each ticket.

Guy Sims, assistant vice president for student affairs, was the moderator for the debate.

“I would like to say welcome to the 2009 Student Government debate,” Sims said. “This debate presents you with an opportunity to educate yourself about learn more about the student government candidates.”

Sims asked the candidates about the voting process, and said to all students that it is very simple.

“All students should become knowledgeable about the candidates and what they stand for,” Sims said. “Voting is easy, so everyone should take the time next week to do so.”

The candidates were asked a series of questions throughout the debatae dealing with various topics such as sustainability, vision, and ideas for the upcoming school year.

UnitedSGA and SGA4You are the two tickets competing for the SGA offices next year.

UnitedSGA candidates include Alex Miller, running for President, Kirsten Kube, running for Vice President, Ricardo Boulware, running for Treasurer, and Bobby Thomas, running for Secretary.

SGA4You candidates include Brandon Carroll, running for President, Shane McCarty, running for Vice President, Joey Zakutney, running for Treasurer, and Morgan Bradley, running for Secretary.

As the candidates’ debate progressed, an issue that was continually brought up throughout the evening was “what characteristics make a great leader.”

UnitedSGA presidential candidate, Alex Miller, said that prior experience plays a big role in what makes a great leader.

“I serve on several leadership roles on campus, so I feel that those roles make me very qualified for this position,” Miller said. “I feel that moving up in a leadership position is a natural progression that I feel like I am ready to take on.”

Brandon Carroll, SGA4You’s presidential candidate, said that he feels that he has the qualifications that would make a great leader.

“I have been involved with student government for two years,” Carroll said. “I care, and I am so passionate about the student body of this school. It is all about you. I care about your concerns and your needs, and yes, I feel that I have the credentials for this position, but I am really all about you, and your voice.”

Shane McCarty, SGA4You’s Vice Presidential candidate, said that all members of the SGA4You ticket work together as a team on their ticket.

“We all have strengths, and we all have weaknesses,” McCarty said. “Everyone brings something to the table, something that is unique to them. We play off of each other’s talents and weaknesses to make each other stronger.”

When the presidential candidates were asked how they would work to bring students together, Carroll and Miller stated their ideas for next year.

“I feel like we do a lot of outreach programs to facilitate to students,” Carroll said. ” We are coming to you and seeing what you have to say and your voice and what you want to see out of the SGA.”

Miller said that he wants to make sure that every student’s voice on campus is heard.

“I think it is important to reach out to all of the students and make sure that every student’s voice is heard,” Miller said. “We want to create programs, such as our idea of ‘Hokie Connect’ program which would be a program for freshman who would have the chance to participate in service committees and many other leadership roles.”

Carroll said that SGA4You wants to work to bring a new mentor program to Tech to help freshman students with the transition into college.

“We are working to expand the ‘Each One, Reach One’ program on campus,” Carroll said. “It will make the transition into college easier for freshman students and give them someone to look to who is able to help them along the way.”

Miller introduced a new idea for next year that would give students on campus a place to study that would be open all hours of the day.

“UnitedSGA is working with Provost McNamee to start a 24 hour study facility for students on campus,” Miller said. “We were talking about where to hold this 24-hour study facility, and our idea was to have it in D2. This is a large open space that would allow students to spread out and work.”

Many new ideas and visions were introduced at the debate last evening, and as the discussion died down, the candidates stated why they decided to run on their respectful tickets in the first place.

“Both tickets really do want what is best for the students,” Miller said.

Kirsten Kube, UnitedSGA vice presidential candidate, said that she is committed to upholding the traditions at Tech.

“The four of us on this ticket love Virginia Tech,” Kube said. ” We have had great experiences here, and we want to work diligently to ensure that these experiences are kept and enhanced for all of our fellow students to come.”

McCarty closed the debate by saying that he wants to make Tech the best university that it can possibly be.

“If better is possible, good is not enough,” McCarty said. “SGA4You believes and knows that it should and can be better for you.”

Executive and senator elections are on March 31 and April 1.

Source: Collegiate Times


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