“Management is about doing things right; leadership is about doing the right things.”

“True character of a leader is tested in the most difficult of times as they consciously choose what to do and what not to do in a way that maximizes service to the greater whole.”

Leadership is a word that has become far to pervasive in the business, collegiate, and even real world over the years. It’s tossed around because of someone’s title and provides no real meaning. The President, CEO, and other big titled people are the common stereotype for the word leader. bob veazieBut you don’t need a title to be a leader. Bob Veazie, Co-Author of The Courage Factor, talked to me about the lack of leadership in today’s business world. “I just heard one week ago from an HP manager that Hewlett Packard’s net profit for 4th quarter was $118M.  Mark Herd, the CEO, was paid $34 million while thousands of jobs were cut. Lets not compare today’s “Leaders” in any way to George Washington.  He put his life and every asset he had at risk.  Today’s leaders are in a super power struggle. Today’s CEO’s are not leaders when their own pay is not related to performance.  If their organizations stock is decreasing and they are using downsizing as a means to try and survive, then why do they deserve more for the underperformance of their company and the taking away of the livelihood of thousands of families? Is this win-win leadership? Who deserves $34 million for the results of HP in reduced stock prices and thousands laid off?”

From my experience and conversation with those that I define as leaders like Bob, I have come to a few conclusions about the word. Leadership is about doing what needs to be done. Period. Leaders will always have critics. They will always have barriers. Leaders have to push and push hard. They have to show courage when nobody else will stand with them. They have to put others, whether they are your followers or not, before themselves. A leader goes beyond the call of duty, because nobody else will.

Shane says in short: “A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position. Therefore, the CEO of HP is not a leader. A leader, in my mind, is the person that does what needs to be done when nobody is looking. This person does not seek status or recognition. This person, a true leader, is behind the scenes working as hard as possible for the company, co-workers, and the greater good.


~ by shanemccarty on February 23, 2009.

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