101 Life Goals

The following goals are my personal 101 life goals. Some seem impossible, others in reach, and some already complete. Some are for myself and some are for others. Some are just for fun and some are really important to me. Comment on your favorite goal below or tell me one of yours!

This list is not at 101 yet, but growing until I get there.

Buy a house for someone I don’t know
Do an act of kindness everyday for a year and record it all
Give someone a $100 bill, write “pay it forward” on the bill
Talk to a homeless person that nobody will talk to
Save someone’s life

Take an Ivy league course and get an “A”
Get a doctorate
Read 3 books in 3 days
Write a NY times best seller book
Present to hundreds of people at TED
Be known as the renaissance man of this time
Make “the biggest mistake” into one of the best opportunities ever
Put yourself into the shoes of 5 different types of people (homeless, middle class, etc) and write a book on empathy
Obtain an art collection of every piece of art that a one artist made
Chosen as Virginia Tech Alumni Board President

laugh, cry, love, fight, and live life w/ the perfect person
Show my parents how truly thankful I am for them
Know who my true best friends are
Have someone say “My life would be completely different if I didn’t meet you”
Donate enough money for a building to be named after a teacher

Be the best at something most people haven’t even heard of
Memorize ten different dollar origami tricks to leave for waitresses
Solve a rubix cube
Be the best dancer on the dance floor
Be on Oprah
Be in two places at once
Define happiness by caring for others, not success or money

Start a nonprofit organization
Net worth of a million dollars
Conduct an IPO on a company I founded
Hold elected office
Have every person in a board room, say “I never thought of that”

Drive over 155 mph
Travel to the seven wonders of the world
Meet someone new on every trip I ever take out of state
Be out of complete contact for a month
Visit the White House

Run a marathon
Wake up at 6am 3 times per week to workout for a month

Get a hole-in-one
Go to the super bowl when the BILLS are playing in one
Go to the National Championship when the Hokies play in one


One Response to “101 Life Goals”

  1. Have someone say “My life would be completely different if I didn’t meet you” You’ve completed it.

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